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Long-lasting roofing systems are only as good as the materials used.

The Springfield Roofers is a company built on common sense. Our contractors know that they can be the best roofers in the business, but their efforts won't hold up to the tests of time and the elements if they use shoddy products. You can count on us to always use reputable brands and products when repairing, replacing, or installing your roofing system.

In addition to great materials, we offer numerous roofing types and styles for our customers to choose from. We want your roof to be customized according to the unique look of your home or business property. From typical asphalt shingles to elegant slate, there isn't a style that we don't offer.

Another great thing about our company is that we will give you a FREE consultation to help you decide which roofing type is best for your situation, followed by a no-obligation estimate. If you're ready to meet with a competent roofer in Springfield, please call or email our office today to schedule an appointment.

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Springfield's BEST Roofing Types & Materials

Affordable Asphalt Shingle Roofing in Springfield

Years ago, asphalt shingles were known to be the weakest roofing type in the industry. However, as time marched on, things progressed, and shingle got a brand new reputation for being much stronger than ever before. If you're looking for an affordable roofing option, shingles are a great choice.

This incredible roofing material can be custom-colored to match the scheme of your home. The asphalt shingles that we use are durable, weather-proof, and coated with a special water and fire-resistant sealant.

Asphalt shingles are often quick and easy to install, replace, and repair, especially when The Springfield Roofers are on the job. Would you like to know more? Visit our blog!

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Elegant Slate Roofing for Your Springfield Home or Business

There are many benefits to choosing a slate roofing system for your residential or commercial property. Slate is a roofing material that has literally been used for centuries. If you've ever visited an ancient castle, you've probably seen a slate roof that has lasted hundreds of years. Many home and business owners choose slate because:

  • It comes in many color and texture options
  • Its lifespan is upwards of 100 years (and typically more)
  • Slate is an exquisite material and increases the curb appeal of your property & value
  • Although unlikely, slate is extremely easy to repair and is very low maintenance

Because slate is basically a rock, it is very heavy. Out structural engineer will inspect the bones of your building and determine whether any reinforcements are needed to support the weight of a slate roof. This service is absolutely FREE to you with no strings attached. Let's get you on our schedule, shall we?

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Looking for Cedar Shake Roofing Specialists in Springfield?

We cannot praise the look and appeal of cedar shake roofing enough! This style of roof is quaint, natural, and all-around gorgeous. We find that cedar shakes are great for any home style but look especially great on cottages and cabins. Most residential and commercial property owners choose cedar shakes or wood shingles because:

  • It is a naturally resilient material
  • Extremely stable in humid conditions
  • Far more durable than what people expect
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Acts as a natural insulator
  • Enhances the exterior appearance of the property

Whether you choose shakes or shingles, cedar provides a long-lasting, beautiful roofing option for homeowners. It's also an incredible option for commercial building owners too. Call our team today to discuss the pricing options of your new cedar shake roofing system.

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Springfield Metal Roofs Last a Lifetime? That's Mind-Blowing!

At one time, metal roofing systems were almost exclusively saved for commercial and industrial buildings. However, times have changed, and more homeowners are opting for metal roofs. Did you know that metal roofing material comes in different colors? The days of dull silver being the only option are over!. Check out the other benefits of a metal roof:

  • It lasts three times longer than asphalt roofs
  • Eco-Friendly - metal roofs contain 35-95% recycled material
  • Metal roofs reflect solar radiant heat, which makes them energy efficient
  • Fire & wind resistant
  • Sheds rain & show due to metal's impervious structure

Surprisingly, metal roofs are lightweight, so they do not put undue pressure on your framework. However, don't let this fool you into thinking they aren't durable because metal roofing systems are as tough as nails. Are you ready for a FREE estimate?

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Tile Roofing for Springfield Residences & Commercial Properties

Tile roofing systems are most commonly seen in places like Florida because they are highly resistant to extreme weather patterns like frequent rain, hot sun, and strong winds. However, tile is an excellent option for home and business owners here in Missouri, too.

At one time, tile was very heavy and required structural reinforcement of the building before it could be installed. Now, through modern engineering, tile is lightweight and easy to maneuver. The life of a tile roof is extremely long and requires barely any maintenance interventions.

You'll be thrilled to know that tile is an excellent insulator and keeps heat in your home during those cold winter months, making it an energy-efficient option. Did you know that clay tiles can be ordered in any color of your choosing? We look forward to going over your tile roof system options with you!

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Reliable Rubber & Flat Roofing is Perfect for Springfield Businesses

Rubber roofs, also known as TPO or EPDM, are excellent options for flat rooftops typically found on commercial and industrial buildings. If your business operates in a large building, you probably have a flat roof that houses air vents, AC systems, and other elements.

Our contractors find rubber roofs very easy to install because the material comes in rolls that can be laid out on the roof in record time. Plus, rubber roofing material can easily be cut to fit around equipment. Rubber and flat roofing systems are affordable, have a long life span, low maintenance, energy-efficient, fire-resistant, and eco-friendly.

Did you know that rubber is a natural substance that is sustainably sourced, making it a "green" material? Let's get together and talk about your future TPO/EPDM flat roof. Connect with us now to schedule a FREE consultation.

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Specialty Coatings ALWAYS Make Your Springfield Roof Better!

Our contractors will choose from acrylic, silicone, foam, and thermoplastic coating, depending on the type of roof you have. Each one of these coatings offers different advantages, but all of them provide some level of protection. Here's what else roof coatings have to offer:

  • Keeps your home or commercial space cooler
  • Reduces energy consumption
  • Increases Energy Star rating
  • Improves the green reputation of your structure
  • Decreases chance of developing roof leaks
  • Extends the life of your roofing system

Deciding whether your roof could benefit from specialty coatings is a big decision, but our roofers have the knowledge and experience to give you the right answer. Would you like to get on our schedule today to see if your roof is a good candidate?

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Plastic Roofing Sheets & Panels Make Your Springfield Home Fun!

Plastic roofing in Springfield isn't a common choice which is why your home or office will be among the most unique in the city. Imagine wanting to relax in the warmth of the sun without feeling the heat. We can make this happen with plastic roofing sheets or panels.

Most plastic roofing systems are designed from polycarbonate, which is a lightweight, transparent, versatile material. Plastic roofs are lightweight, UV ray resistant, and can easily be adjusted. Did you know that plastic panels can also come in different colors?

Not only is plastic a great option for your home, but it also works great in sunrooms, patios, and pergolas. Do you think your residential or commercial property would benefit from having a plastic roofing system? Let's find out! Call or email our roofing crew now.

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